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Replacement Box Sides:

(1) The Parts

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Auto Parts Trading - 6o4-421-2781

(They both use the same supplier so they are the same parts)

Each box side is just over a $bill CaD although they list for $137C. No one really pays list in the auto business.
There is no fuel door on the RH replacement box panel. The fuel door bracket is spot welded to the factory box side. This bracket can be removed from the factory box side and re-welded to the replacement box panel. I didn't need to do this because I re-routed the fuel filler neck and I don't use the fuel door anymore.

Each box side is one stamped / formed sheet of metal. There are no seams or spot welding. That is a huge benefit because as everyone knows, the rust in the factory box sides occurs at the seams. In comparison, the factory box side is made of three pieces:

(1) The upper half thats above the wheel well and runs the entire length of the box. (2) The lower front quarter: from the front of the box to the front of the wheel well. (3) The lower rear quarter: from the rear of the wheel well to the back of the box.

You get what you pay for. Here are the issues:

Red arrows - the rails of the replacement box panels arn't level.

Yellow arrows - check out the difference in angles between the factory skin and the replacement skin. Not even close.

Green arrows: Kind of hard to paint in there.

Another issue:

The seam on the replacement box side is about 1.25" below the factory seam.

Actually the replacement box side seems to be about 1.25" too wide??? Compare the end of the factory box side to the end of the replacement box side when they are lined up.
Easy to see where the replacement box side is too long. I think I'm going to cut off the rail of the new replacement panel.
Another picture: the lines don't match up. Again, it's easy to see where the replacement box side does not measure up.
Closer look.

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