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Replacement Box Sides

(2) Getting Started

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Because the box sides are a structural part of the box itself, the entire box is braced using some scrap metal before I start working on it.

A triangular brace is built because triangles are geometrically strong (its hard to collaspe a triangle compared to a square).
The reason for bracing the box is to prevent the box rails or floor from deforming or sagging when the original box side skin is removed. I really doubt that it'll be a problem but it doesn't hurt to take the precaution.
A piece of flat bar is bolted to the box side so I can get a nice straight cut.
The seam where the upper and lower box side is attached to the bed is rotten.
So the entire seam had to be cut out.

This is why it's rotten, there's three pieces of metal sandwiched together in this area: the bed, upper box panel and lower box panels.

By the way, the problem with excessive rot at the spot weld flanges or seams is a Toyota problem - poor metal prep. All cars that are made of sheet metal are built in this way: one body panel has a flange that is spot welded to another body panel. There are lots of early 80's vehicles (GM, Ford) that DON'T have this problem.

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