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Power Steering Bracket
Since I spent all that time making a nice new alternator bracket, I figure it would be a good time to make a new power steering bracket. That way I can paint the power steering bracket yellow too.
The Toyota power steering pump is mounted onto a GM V6. I really doubt I'd be able to buy a bracket. Even if I could buy one, I'd likely still want to make it so I can make it exactly the way I want it to look and work.
Once again, the bolts are taped so that the bracket base can be centerd onto the bolt holes of the cylinder head. See the Alternator Bracket Fab for more details on why this is important.
The pieces:
The base bracket and swing arm. I decided to make a swing arm and not a rigid piece like I did with the alternator bracket. The reason I did this is to save room.
This swing arm can be tucked in nice and close to the PS pump.
Additional bracing is needed.
... Tacked into place.
Welded and painted.
The bracket that holds onto the PS pump.
.... and DONE!



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