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Cooler Lines

Most factory cooler lines runs along the under-carraige of the vehicle. This leaves them exposed to snags (branches, logs, rocks etc...). My goal is to:

<1> Re-route the transmission cooler lines so the run along the side of the engine block above the starter and below the exhaust manifold.

<2> Secure them tightly so they are not able to vibrate or move.

Pictured to the left is my first attemtpt at re-routing the automatic transmission cooler lines. Not too pretty and a poor clamping system. Its difficult to manufacture a PERFECTLY fitting set of cooler lines when the engine and transmission is still IN the vehicle. It's just too tight of a spot to work effectively.

The following is my second attempt which was done with the engine and transmission assembled out of the vehicle.

Fabrication tip: How to layout mounting holes onto a bracket. Theres lots of effective ways of doing this accurately. I like this method because its quick, easy and accurate. You'll need a dab of black "goo." You can find this stuff at most autobody supply shops.

Simply smear the black goo (kind of like silly putty) onto the bracket, then press the bracket onto the hole where the bracket will be bolted. This will leave a perfect outline of the size and location of the hole on your bracket. Then, simply center punch and drill. Done. You have just done the layout and drilled the hole(s) you need to mount the bracket.

Another example: Spread the goo onto the bracket...

Tip: make sure the bracket is CLEAN and free of any oil or grease or else the goo will not stick.

Then, press the bracket onto the hole(s) that the bracket will attach.

This will leave an impression of the size and location of the hole onto the bracket.

Tip: If the goo sticks to the mounting surface and not your bracket, simply apply a bit of oil or penetrating fluid to the mounting surface, and the goo will not stick to it.

Center punch and drill.
Here is my second attempt at a set of perfectly fitting, block-hugging automatic transmission cooler lines. As you can see, the new set of cooler lines runs above the starter motor and below the exhaust manifold. Very difficult to snag the re-reouted lines on anything.
The engine and transmission was removed and assembled outside of the vehicle.
Brackets are perfectly fabricated and the new cooler lines are tighly clamped using rubber-coated metal clamps. The cooler lines are not allowed to move or even vibrate.
The cooler lines are carefully routed and spaced.

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