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Transmission Brace

I've seen rare instances where transmission cases split in two. Automatic transmissions are generally less succeptible to this since the internal / ring gear does a good job of containing the spreading forces of the planetary gearsets. Most of these broken / split automatic trans cases are car trannies used in trucks with big V8's with a heavy 203 hanging off the back of the transmission.
Manufacturers know this of course. I believe that for this reason, they tend to make automatic transmission cases "less strong" than manual transmission cases. Imagine if they can save, say, $5 in material per transmission case. Manual transmissions have a gear cluster and counter gear which creates a lot of spreading forces that the manual transmission case must contain.
So here is my solution: an automatic transmission brace that bolts between the advance adapter transfer case adapter and automatic transmission bellhousing. I decided to make this out of 1/4". I hardly ever use 1/4", it's expensive and generally overkill for my little Toyota. I typically use 3/16" plate.
All it needs now is a fresh coat of yellow paint.
Here is an assembled view.

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